No Access!

Well, since many people voted for this site, even though it was down, cause I don't want this information to spread, I made a riddle to still make you able to take a look at this, but you already need some knowledge to solve it..
By the way, I didn't find time to work on this website any further, so you won't find much around here.
Do not try Bruteforce and don't just try passwords.
The Password is long enough and got enough signs to take billions of years to find it out by trying.
Also there is nothing included in MySQL to get the password.
If you get it 'another way', please don't damage, slow down or steal anything except the password.
There are multiple ways to get the password out of the file and it consists of multiple riddles.
Without knowledge you could find the information required to solve it pretty fast - if you got the imagination.

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